Some of our core features

Desktop App

Because dewabit has been designed as a native application for Microsoft Windows 7 or newer, it is much faster and easier to use than web based solutions.

ebay compatible application

dewabit passed ebay's application check and is fully compatible to all international ebay sites.

Item management

Whether listing, revising or ending: item management has never been easier. Functions such as profiles allow you to create new articles at lightning speed. Of course, variations are also supported.

(Bulk) revise

You can revise your items bundled with dewabit so that all changes at once are published. The "Search and Replace" feature allows fast changes in your description

Archive / Draft / Backups

Archive your items as drafts. Simply drag and drop your items into folders that you can create yourself. Your drafts remain local and are not deleted. You can also make a backup of your data.

CSV Import/Export

With dewabit you can import and export your items as CSV files. In addition to the inventory update feature via CSV, you can also conveniently manage variations of an items via CSV. For this purpose we offer predefined profiles, which you can extend on your own.

Template Engine

Description templates are the core of our Listing Designer feature. You can use our templates that come with dewabit or create your own and use them in your listings. Images are automatically integrated into the template, prices are automatically updated. In addition, buttons for purchase, for watching and asking questions are included!

Powerful WYSIWYG-Editor

In addition to the Template Engine, you can also use a WYSIWYG editor. The built-in WYSIWYG editor allows you to edit item descriptions without HTML knowledge. Nevertheless, an integrated source code editor allows experts to edit and control the HTML code without restrictions.


Thanks to our powerful sync functionality, your ebay listings will always be up to date. No need to refresh any data at your own, our sync feature automatically updates your listings when changes occur

Live Push Notifcations

No need to refresh manually for new orders or item updates, you will get a live push notification for all relevant events regarding your ebay selling.

Manage orders

Mark your orders as shipped or paid and send messages directly to your customers.


Easily read and respond to customer messages from ebay's My Messages with dewabit. Customized standard replies allow faster responses.

Multiple accounts

Do you have more than one ebay account? No problem! With our account switch function you can link several ebay accounts with dewabit and switch between them in a flash.

Work offline

With dewabit you can prepare/revise your items offline and upload them bundled when you're back online.

Manage ebay-Store

Manage your shop categories and set your vacation preferences.

Solve problems

You have the possibility to view your returns, cancellations and inquires directly in dewabit.

Promotional sales

Manage your promotional sales via dewabit or select your items and create a new sale.

Help pages / documentation

Working with dewabit is intuitive and simple. If a function is unclear, you can look it up on our help pages. There you will also find many other useful information.

Open help pages

You have a problem with dewabit? We are there for you. Create a ticket in the member area and a developer will contact you as soon as possible. We offer  free  support in German and English.


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