An overview of our versatile, intuitive, and optimized tools

Detailed insights into the diversity of dewabit: Here, you will discover the multifaceted features of our platform - from efficient item management, streamlined order processing, intelligent analysis tools, to customizable templates and notifications - all carefully designed to simplify, automate, and ultimately optimize your eBay business.


Free Listing Templates and Template Engine

Free Listing Templates

Looking for a new listing template? At dewabit, you can choose from 20 free templates. For professional purposes, we offer dewabit Professional Templates to make your listings stand out. Our templates are tailored for use with the dewabit Template Engine.
  • 20 free templates included
  • Your templates are automatically synchronized with our server
  • View our free templates

    Template Engine

    With our Template Engine, you can use pre-built listing templates or create new ones that you can reuse in your listings. Images are automatically integrated into the template, and prices are automatically updated. Additionally, buttons for Buy Now or Ask a Question can be included.
  • Bulk application of a new template is possible
  • Buy Now, Ask a Question, and Watch buttons can be included in the description
  • Many item variables can be used (e.g., vehicle compatibility list or item attributes)
  • WYSIWYG Editor

    In addition to our Template Engine, you can also use our WYSIWYG Editor. This editor is designed for simple templates and allows you to edit item descriptions without HTML knowledge.
  • Choice between 3 different WYSIWYG editors
  • Expert mode allows direct modification of the source code
  • Synchronization of drafts and item images between multiple computers
  • Text Blocks

    Do you have frequently used text passages? With dewabit, you can create text blocks that you can easily load into your predefined description variables.