An overview of our versatile, intuitive, and optimized tools

Detailed insights into the diversity of dewabit: Here, you will discover the multifaceted features of our platform - from efficient item management, streamlined order processing, intelligent analysis tools, to customizable templates and notifications - all carefully designed to simplify, automate, and ultimately optimize your eBay business.


Special Offers, Campaigns, and Price Proposals


Use the 'Promotions' feature in dewabit to optimize your sales strategy. This function allows you to create targeted sales promotions, including multi-discounts and combinations of special actions with price reductions. Ideal for effectively promoting your products and increasing customer interest. Use special offers strategically to boost your sales numbers.
  • Create multi-discount campaigns with finely adjustable gradation
  • Special actions with price reduction: Create schedules with percentage or absolute discount
  • Campaigns and Ads

    With ads, you can ensure that your offer is particularly highlighted in search results. This increases the visibility of your products and thus improves the chances of making a sale. With dewabit, you can create eBay ads in seconds!
  • Create and manage ad campaigns
  • Rapid creation by entering multiple item numbers or manual selection
  • Manage best offers

    With the "Price Proposal to Buyers" feature, you have the opportunity to offer watchers of your items a reduced price. This draws the attention of potential buyers to your products and gives you an opportunity to promote sales and increase your revenue.
  • Send best offers to interested buyers/watchers
  • View and respond to received price offers