An overview of our versatile, intuitive, and optimized tools

Detailed insights into the diversity of dewabit: Here, you will discover the multifaceted features of our platform - from efficient item management, streamlined order processing, intelligent analysis tools, to customizable templates and notifications - all carefully designed to simplify, automate, and ultimately optimize your eBay business.


Sync Items, Automatic Synchronization, and Push Notifications

Automatic Synchronization & Live Push

Thanks to our powerful sync feature, your eBay listings are always up to date. You don't need to update anything manually: your database stays current when changes occur. Additionally, you receive live push notifications for all relevant sales events.
  • Automatic synchronization of items, orders, and messages
  • Notifications for all important events
  • Multiple Accounts

    Do you have multiple eBay accounts? No problem! With our account switch feature, you can link multiple eBay accounts with dewabit and switch between them effortlessly.
  • Easily switch between your accounts directly in the app
  • Conveniently copy items between different eBay accounts
  • Work Offline

    With dewabit, you can prepare/revise your listings offline and upload them in bulk when an internet connection is available.
  • Prepare items offline
  • dewabit Sync-Items

    Synchronized Items between Multiple Workstations

    Sync Drafts

    With our Sync Drafts, your drafts are synchronized between multiple computers/clients. You don't need to set up your own server; the items are managed by the dewabit servers.
  • Automatic synchronization between multiple computers/clients
  • No data loss in case of a local crash on your computer
  • Item images are included in the synchronization
  • Usable from all linked eBay accounts
  • Accessible via the Windows and Web clients
  • Sync Planner (Start Time Planning)

    With the Sync Planner, you can prepare items and specify a processing time. And all this without additional costs*! This way, you can schedule your items to start at a specific time. In addition to new items, you can also schedule changes to existing items. For example, you could adjust your prices at specific times.
  • All the benefits of Sync Drafts
  • The items are automatically processed by the dewabit server at the specified time
  • Support for the dewabit Template-Engine
  • * Start Time Planning is included in synchronized drafts. Planned items consume the "Sync-Items" quota. 20 Sync-Items are included in each plan.

    Sync Queue

    With the Sync Queue, you can have your prepared items uploaded directly from the dewabit server. This way, items can be prepared, viewed, and uploaded from multiple workstations.
  • All the benefits of Sync Drafts
  • Processing by dewabit server in the background: Processing can be started, and dewabit can be closed
  • Time-delayed upload to eBay with adjustable interval
  • Support for the dewabit Template-Engine