An overview of our versatile, intuitive, and optimized tools

Detailed insights into the diversity of dewabit: Here, you will discover the multifaceted features of our platform - from efficient item management, streamlined order processing, intelligent analysis tools, to customizable templates and notifications - all carefully designed to simplify, automate, and ultimately optimize your eBay business.

Item Management

Listing, Revising, and Ending

Item Management

Listing, revising, or ending items has never been easier. Create new items quickly with features like sales profiles. Variations are also supported.
  • Compatible with all eBay sites
  • Variations are supported
  • A queue with interval upload
  • Vehicle compatibility list with import/export functions and display in item description
  • Integration of Hazardous Material Notices and Energy Labels
  • Bulk end and relist of unsold items
  • Bulk Item Editing

    You can bulk edit your items with dewabit, so that all changes are implemented at once. The "Search and Replace" function allows changes in the item description to be made quickly. Why not give your items a new template?
  • Search and Replace
  • Bulk setting of item templates
  • Bulk increase/decrease of prices (in percentage or absolute)
  • Powerful filter functionalities (last sale, ...)
  • Organize Items in Drafts

    To keep track of your items, you have the option to save them in drafts. There, you can create a folder structure. The created drafts can be used from all linked eBay accounts.
  • Draft Creation
  • Clear management through individual folders
  • Easily copy items between multiple eBay accounts
  • Free Start Time Planning*

    With our Start Time Planning, you can schedule your items and have them uploaded from the dewabit server at a later time. In addition to new items, edits are also supported, offering unexpected possibilities! Example: Modify prices or quantities in the future.
  • Free to use*
  • Your items will be automatically uploaded from the dewabit server at the specified time
  • * Start Time Planning is included in synchronized drafts. Planned items consume the "Sync-Items" quota. 20 Sync-Items are included in each plan.

    Manage eBay Store

    dewabit supports your eBay Store! Manage your shop categories and set your vacation settings.
  • Create/Update/Delete Shop Categories
  • Set vacation settings