An overview of our versatile, intuitive, and optimized tools

Detailed insights into the diversity of dewabit: Here, you will discover the multifaceted features of our platform - from efficient item management, streamlined order processing, intelligent analysis tools, to customizable templates and notifications - all carefully designed to simplify, automate, and ultimately optimize your eBay business.


CSV, Drafts, Backups

Powerful CSV Import/Export

With dewabit, you can import and export your items and orders as CSV files. In addition to inventory updates via CSV, you can also manage item variations conveniently using CSV. We provide predefined profiles that you can complement with your own.
  • Directory monitoring and automatic upload
  • CSV Import/Export (items, orders, variations, vehicle application list incl. KType)
  • Inventory update via CSV including items with variations
  • Automatic CSV export for items and orders, optionally prefiltered
  • Custom CSV mapping profiles
  • Archive / Drafts / Backups

    Archive your items in drafts. Simply drag and drop your items into folders that you can create yourself. Your drafts remain local and won't be deleted. Automatic image management included. Additionally, you can create a backup of your data.
  • Draft creation
  • Clear management through individual folders
  • Integrated image management
  • Automatic backup of your data (including images)
  • dewabit Image Management

    When an item on eBay is no longer active for an extended period, the associated images are deleted from the eBay servers. To prevent this from happening to your archived items, you can use dewabit to automatically download and save the linked images in drafts.
  • Automatic download of eBay item images and linking with items
  • Items can be saved with images in the backup